Scarlett Johansson Once Took a Breast Pump to the Oscars

realmomster scarlettjohansson breastpump
“I was nursing and every ounce is like liquid gold”.

Oh, how we can relate to this! Two years ago, Scarlett Johansson rocked the Oscars red carpet with a bombshell side wave, a plunging green emerald gown with a matching statement chocker-necklace and….a breast pump tucked into her purse. The actress revealed in a recent interview that with a 5-months old daughter at home, it was unimaginable to leave the house without it. “I was nursing and every ounce is like liquid gold,” she said of carefully sticking to a regular pumping schedule, a task breastfeeding mothers must adhere to regularly.

Johansson is one in a long group of famous actresses pulling down the curtain to show what’s behind the scenes in the motherhood movie. From Blake Lively’s People’s Choice Awards photo tagged #breastfeedingmama, showing that kids do keep you awake at night even if you’re a goddess actress and need to attend some of the chicest events at day, all the way to Olivia Wilde’s unapologetic nursing snaps with daughter Daisy, stars are turning the spotlight on the realities behind breastfeeding and a woman’s right to do so.

Consider it a stigma-busting testament to feminine power—and a future that’s gloriously female.

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