Snuggle Me Organic Loungers Are Here to Hug Your Baby

…in case you are busy staring at them, filling them with kisses, watching them relax, discover and play, or simply when you need to shake your arms after holding them for hours. The Snuggle Me Organic  sensory baby loungers were created with moms at mind: designed to pull in, hug, comfort your baby and keep them safely in place. How great does this sound? Ah, and also the perfect accessory for when you are having a relaxed afternoon on your terrace with friends, wine and snacks, and when you don’t want your baby to be missing out on all the fun.

Not only is the Snuggle Me Organic lounger the best functioning one, but also its quality truly stands out from the rest. They use only USA-made, GOTS organic fabrics, so as to protect your baby against harmful effects of synthetic materials or chemically treated cotton. The difference in quality can be noticed in every detail of the product: The center is unpadded and slightly suspended. When you lay baby on top of this unpadded space, the sides of the lounger will pull in, giving them the feeling of a snuggle. The tight torso fit contours to baby’s head and torso while their legs will drape over the bottom end. This keeps baby safely on their back while lounging, setting the Snuggle Me above the rest.

When we discovered the brand, we were so curious about it that we decided to test it in house. The first thing we noticed? The Snuggle Me is perfect for mindful parents wanting to reduce their baby registry to fewer, high quality items. Its compact and multifunctional design is so perfect to blend in with the design of your home, that you won’t even feel it’s a baby accessory. Pair this with our sophisticated color tones and patterns and you have a timeless, heirloom quality baby product to last generations.

How we have tested it? Well, on a warm evening, at our friends’ terrace BBQ party, where adults were enjoying their wine and the kids were playing around.

And usually, upon occasions like this, you are stuck with the little babies and now know exactly where and how to place them so that they are not completely ignored, but somehow part of the evening and discussions. So we found that the Snuggle Me lounger was the perfect accessory to involve our little baby Iancu with the crowd.

But big brother Luca didn’t want to miss out on the comfort zone so he decided it was a good idea to step in and try it out for himself.

Founded in 2007 by mom of 7 (!!), Mia, after having twins, the idea of the concept arose when both her babies did not seem to be content anywhere but in her arms. Hence, the ideal lounger that would simply *hug* your babies, the much needed support system that could be easily moved around the house (and outdoors, like in our case) with this incredible effect of calming your baby. What baby Iancu also loved about it was that it gives them the feeling that they are being rather held, than just laid down.

Whoa! Whole other level, trust me!

Aaand, another thing I truly love about this is that it is just ideal for multiple functions: we have tried sleeping, playing, snuggling, reading, touching, as well as tummy time, crawling time and just watching adults enjoy themselves. Pretty much everything!

All in all, we are crazy* about the Snuggle Me Loungers, and there are so many designs to choose from, that it will become one of the chicest baby accessories you own! From pale pink to sky blue and even birds patterns, there is something for every baby and every home!

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Thank you Snuggle Me Organic for sponsoring this post!

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