It`s no secret that women who became mothers, will never be just women again. They will be Superheroes. Little monsters with super-powers and less than 5 minutes shower-time. And together with this new status, comes change. New wake-up-calls in the morning. New boobs (bigger boobs, thank God for these months). Unconventional discussions related to poo. It can all be overwhelming and it can lead you on a slippery path of negligence. And this is not what we want. We want to turn heads as we walk on the street. And we want to drive our men crazy. It`s the truth – what can be sexier than a sexy mamma?
Now, the issue with whom should we leave the kids with while we get a facial, a manicure or a hairdo is solved in this case.



Recently opened in the 11th arrondissement, Esthederm has come with with a simple yet genius idea for the ‘Jolies Mamans‘ concept, of a children`s separee supervised by a nanny who will entertain them, change diapers, put them down for a nap and feed them, allowing you to enjoy a Soin de Saison, a Soin Jeunesse du Regard, massage, a blow-dry or a manicure without an ounce of guilt. #ZeroMomGuilt

Jolies Mamans, 10 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris. 09 83 68 00 25,


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