Mornings used to start after 9:30 for me. When I was babyless. With clean suede underwear, nice hair (more or less), long showers, breakfast, coffee, “House Hunters International” on tv and no one to interrupt all this. Not even the birds singing at my window. Now, by 9 am (tops), it feels like noon already. If you have a baby you most probably relate to this. Otherwise, go back to bed.
Here`s how to survive early mornings and still feel like the Queen of the Earth. As I do.

By 6:30 I have Tom & Jerry on TV, fresh clothes on, hot coffee in my mug and feel like I woke up a week ago. Watching the sun rise Every.Single.Morning is not that romantic as some might think. I mean it`s not like I`m in St. Barts or Belize or the Dominican or Fiji or ok I`m gonna stop right here, naked and tanned and after a long deep sleep last night. No I`m not. (Oh why..). No, I am at home with a sleep-allergic 6-month old Minion. Who loves being up and running before the sun comes out.

Me, photographed by the pool the other morning around 12 pm after I just woke up.

When you`re a mom, all those life-lessons speeches where so called “motivational speakers” pretend the key to (their) success is waking up at 4am., drinking hot lemon water while meditating in yoga positions and surviving on raw vegetables and dry fruit for the rest of your life, seems like total nonsense. Hell, this is not at all what I want to do anymore.

Now, mornings start very early and very wrongly with coffee, because why not. And with deep hydration– which is one of my main secrets. Pat-dried skin after hot showers covered in organic coconut oil does miracles. And with big breakfasts prepared during baby`s 30 minutes nap. Our favorites are BREAKFAST BOARDS – as we like to call them, which are basically platters with everything we have in our fridge and they are A-WE-SOME; avocado-egg-salmon toasts, fruit-cereal-yoghurt bowls and pomegranate-banana-caju smoothies. Or sometimes all three of them cause we can`t decide. And they are all oh so yummy. Can I have them now as I`m writing this AT 7 AM PLEASE MOTHER EARTH.

So preparing breakfast or taking a shower or washing milk bottles or getting dressed or TYPING or breathing with a baby sleeping next to you is kind of a life challenge. I mean you spend your whole morning tiptoeing around him, in the attempt to not scratch the woodfloor cause these monkeys wake up at the tiniest sounds. And fall back asleep not that fast. So you become some kind of pro at doing things in silence. Cause after he`s up, you move on to the next stage – of multitasking. And every mom IS a Queen in Multitasking.

Aaaaanyways, here is what I`m craving eeeevery morning at 5:30 when I wake up.

Photo via Leela Cyd from her new cookbook “Food with Friends”


If I`m lucky to have my boyfriend (soon to be husband, chill) at home and not in the gym, or SLEEPING or working, I get to take one of those long and extra hot with a side of spicy showers where you burn your skin and there is still steam coming out of your body 5 minutes after. This feels like luxury now and I love living the littlest luxuries now. All this happens way before 9 am. At 9 I will have already been up for 4 hours. (God it sounds scary). If not, I`ll probably not eat anything by noon. And if my baby has some sort of sleep allergy, my boyfriend definitely has a sleep addiction. He totally needs rehab. And I totally need a voucher for a SPA retreat ASAP.


  • This post was written between 6 and 10 am.  And as you can see, my pictures are either glamorously-nightgowns-dressed women in places I do not get to spend much time in anymore, or of FOOD which is part of our survival kit. That, and LOVE. Much love.




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