The Cybex X Karolina Kurkova Special Collaboration Is Simply Irresistible

What can happen if you put all-time chicest kids destination Cybex and one of the hottest supermodels in fashion Karolina Kurkova in the same project? Well, nothing aside from perfection. For their latest collection, Cybex partnered up with model and super-mom Kurkova to create a chic, colourful and practical line of strollers and accessories. The collaboration came about as a result of their aligned parenting philosophy: Cybex, just like Karolina, focuses on finding the perfect symbiosis of safety, design and functionality, and is any modern parent’s favourite.

As a working mom and fashion model for over 20 years, Karolina knows exactly what modern moms wish for, and that is functionality wrapped up in a chic, fashion-forward style and design. And this is exactly what the new collection is all about. Karolina has taken her role as a collaborator seriously, and participated in the entire process of creating the stylish and sustainable line.

In today’s fast-paced society of “busy”, modern parents strive to create a balance in this whole work-family juggle, and as the CEO of her family, Karolina knows that being a good parent is not about trying to be perfect all the time.


Everyone thinks a cool mom knows how to balance things, but I think that’s impossible. I think a good parent is someone who is willing to be wrong and work on that. Someone who is not afraid to get down and dirty, whatever that takes. I also learned from my parents. They were always very supportive of each other. And that’s also cool!

“Everybody tells you something different. The first time as a new parent you think you need so much. Then, with my second child, I learned that you need much less than you thought. Your focus should be on quality over quantity.”

You can discover and shop the Cybex X Karolina Kurkova here !


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