The Highs and Lows of Self Isolation As Seen By Realmomsters With Multiple Kids

Self-isolation with kids in tow is a dream…come…true…. Right? Sorry I had to stop to take a breath from laughing. Irony aside, self isolating with kids for multiple weeks on end is no joke, especially when everything came with no pre-notice, so we could prepare ourselves mentally, physically and well… wine-ly. Well the last part shouldn’t pose problems, as shops are fortunately still functioning well and supporting parents of all ages, social status and occupations in this long, interesting journey of self isolation at home.

Five moms share their Highs and Lows of self-quarantining with kids in tow.

Cristiana, Mom of Luca (3) and Iancu (2).

The Highs. Or seeing the glass half full… of wine.

Being together. At home. And healthy. We’re about to beat the 2 weeks summer holiday family time, so that’s something. I don’t think we’ve ever spent this much time together, the 4 of us, and felt this connected. We’re home, our home, the place we wished and waited for so long, with a tiny yard and a hippie interior mood. And we are healthy. That’s more than something. That’s everything.

The Lows. Or seeing the glass half empty… of wine.

We work from home. With 2 small kids. Tom Cruise, believe us when we say “THIS IS THE REAL MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!”. We try to work in shifts. One babysits while the other does his/her thing. But we once had client presentations at the same time. It was like a comedy race. Muting the microphones while parenting and preventing the kids from killing each other, then un-parenting and running to another room for the presentation.
We have tantrums as much as kids do. We watch the news. We get stressed. The kids get stressed, too, and at some point chaos unleashes. And there’s no place to run.

The rest of the lows really don’t matter. Yes, the summer plans are cancelled. Yes, we cannot go out drinking with friends. Yes, we’ll miss out that trip to Paris for our anniversary and that uber desired music festival. Yes, maybe we won’t see the beach this year. Or celebrate Easter with the whole family. When all this shit hits me, I always focus on the Highs. We are together. At home. And healthy.

This is a *chic* snapshot of the four Sex and the City girlfriends after self isolation with their kids at home for 7 weeks, homeschooling, practicing for Master Chef Quarantine Edition and keeping the house from collapsing. Hey, look at the bright side: they’re still stylish and still smiling. We can do this! 

Alexa, mom of Robert (1).

Raising a child is a difficult and beautiful mission as well. That’s right, I count myself among the lucky moms: Robert (1 year and 3 months on April 5) has never created great problems for us. He ate well, slept nights and was not crying … In principle “perfect recipe”. The days with him involve two outings in the park at the playground and on a stroll on the streets of downtown Bucharest, two naps, play, meals and snacks. Well, the situation changes when you are stuck in the house for almost a month because of a pandemic that hit us so fast that we just woke up and spring is here, the sun is up in the sky and nature returns to life.

Robert started walking for a while, discover a new universe, become more and more curious and must consume his energy. How do you do this in an apartment? This is a challenge that my husband and I had to accept voluntarily, if necessary. We realised that already after a week his regular toys were no longer of interest. And that’s how we started inventing a new game every day: we create characters, we make cradles from sheets, we build casemates, we play hide and seek, lick, build or demolish all kinds of things. Instead of going outside we have breakfast and lunch on the balcony, in front of the wide open windows, we enjoy fresh air (one of the few benefits of this period is the considerable reduction of pollution) and the sun … we count pigeons, leaves, trees, cats and cars in the parking lot :))) We realised that we have no choice, we must simply learn to adapt to this new and strange situation and we try to find the positive among all this negative because otherwise we go crazy.

It’s exhausting. From two naps a day, he now only wants one, because the movement outside does not compare with moving inside the house.. We have to keep our optimism, smiles and patience for him. Sometimes it works, sometimes we have to help each other in this. This is about being a team. We take turns, so that each one of us can also relax a bit and is free to take care of other tasks around the house. Relaxation tips? We cook together, usually in the evening with a glass (or more) of wine, reading on the balcony in the afternoon alongside a cup of tea or coffee, a relaxing bath and a lot of Netflix and Youtube after the baby is asleep. But the biggest gain in this period is by far the time spent together, which we are making the most of!

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