The New Wildly Cool Collab We Love: Crate&kids Collection Inspired by Jane Goodall’s Adventures

A world of Discovery – one of the latest, most inspiring collabs of the moment is the one celebrating Jane Goodall within a capsule collection with Crate&kids, designed to celebrate the wildlife and spark curiosity about the natural world in kids. As Dr. Jane Goodall celebrates 60 years of research and discovery, the home living brand has partnered up with the Jane Goodall Institute, a global conservation organisation dedicated to improving the lives of people, animals and the environment.

The result? A playful, colourful and inspiring capsule collection of kids furniture and accessories inspired by the many adventures of the legend Dr. Jane Goodall, featuring beautiful, vibrant prints, patterns and textures designed to bring the magic of the outdoors inside.

The Jane Goodall Playhome – this is a playhouse version of Jane Goodall’s research camp site in Gombe, Tanzania. A perfect gift for little adventurers and growing explorers, it’s filled with details inspired by Jane Goodall’s work and modeled after animal research centers. The printed artwork includes a chimpanzee in a chair, vegetation, a map, research equipment and more. Plus, there’s a roll-up door flap in front and screened windows beneath the roof.

Fun Facts: Tanzania is the most biodiverse country in Africa with the continent’s biggest mammal population and second-largest number of bird species.

Did you know? Gombe National Park is located in Tanzania, and this is where Dr. Jane first traveled to study chimpanzees living in the wild.

The Animal Shaped Rug – The uniquely shaped silhouette and an array of animals from the Tanzanian savannah bring nature-inspired style into the kids room or playroom. The wildlife design has a vibrant, sketched look that’s artfully adventurous, while the wool pile fabric gives kids a soft spot for play and relaxation.

The Tropical Bird Organic Crib Quilt – Colorful birds from around the world flock together on our Organic Tropical Birds Baby Bedding, designed in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. The artwork features beautiful feathered friends and lush foliage illustrated in a dreamy, soft-hued style.

High up in the world’s lush tropical rainforests…

You’ll find tropical birds like toucans, kingfishers, cranes, Guinea turacos and cockatiels flying among the forest canopy and singing to each other through dense banana leaves.

The Sea Life Large Nod Chair is an adventurous seat designed just for curious kids. Your little ocean explorer will delight in spotting multicolor fish swimming through underwater vegetation against a light blue base. The sea life-themed chair features supportive yet lightweight polyfoam construction, making it a perfect soft seat for kids.

Deep in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa…

You’ll find blue whales, angelfish, clownfish, starfish and coral—a whole world of marine life under the sea.

Fun Facts: The Indian Ocean is the world’s third-largest ocean. One of its inhabitants, the blue whale, is the largest animal on earth. A blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an elephant.


Discover the entire wildly cool adventure-inspired collection signed by Crate&kids X Jane Goodall Institute here, and give your little ones a little “push” of inspiration, excitement and curiosity about the wild life!

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