‘Tough Day’ – A Movie by Petit Bateau

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If you’re a mom, you definitely got the first-hand experience of washing clothes, and washing clothes and…washing clothes. Not yours, but your kids’ clothes, that somehow seem to get dirty every 10 minutes. But even though they pay zero attention go not getting dirty, more the contrary, you still want the best quality for them, always. So imagine a normal day in your kids’ lives as being the ‘quality test’ for their clothes. Well, this Petit Bateau video called “Tough Day” tells just this story. The thirty torture test told in 76 frames, and focusing on the boy’s shirt is probably the identification of a normal day at your home as well.

Over the past 120 years, Petit Bateau has become the iconic brand for adults and kids, along with its legendary culotte and the striped T-shirts. And I bet every boy or girl has the iconic yellow rain coat or boots as the splash of colour in their wardrobe.

The short film was presented in Rome at Palazzo Farnese last year, by the CEO of Petit Bateau, Patrick Pergament, who has put together the idea of creating a lively, cree, colourful childhood in the brand’s video.

8.00 am, the alarm clock rings and a brand new day starts! The little protagonist is going through an entire adventure, all of it happening in his favourite striped shirt! From milk and jam at breakfast, to water, mud or ice-cream during the day, little Leo is having the time of his life. Not the same could be said about his mom though, but with Petit Bateau, childhood should be lived to the max!

So whether you’re crazy about the matching mom-daughter outfits, the rain coats or the super comfy (and matchy!) rain boots, Petit Bateau is your hero, and will definitely fill your damp, rainy days with lots of colour and great adventure spirit!

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