Valentine’s Day With The Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’ve got a box of fine chocolates and your significant other’s desired perfume hidden in your dressing, then you’re all set. But actually, are you? This day is so much related to red hearts, gigantic rose bouquets, and romantic dinners, but what about showing your love on this day more than ever to your little ones? What about taking the day off to take your little baby boy or girl out on a coffee/ slash babyccino date? What if V Day were about loving, pampering and cuddling your mini you?  And if you are moms of boys, even more so, as they are proof that you can be in love with more than one man at once.

So I’m thinking… how can I make Valentine’s Day special for my 3-year old boy who is now starting to get the hang of all these special celebrations of the year. Christmas? Check! His birthday/ my birthday/ daddy’s birthday? Check. Easter bunny? Check. Now it’s time to infuse some romance in this future man. Time to show him how to be a gentleman and impress his lady (this, if I will ever approve of any of the candidates he’ll be bringing home). Time to spice things up and teach him the importance of a good (and thoughtful) present from an early age – and also actually do this as a hint to his dad. Hope he will receive the message.

LOVE, LOVE, and MORE LOVE. Here are our suggestions for our little boys and girls.

First and foremost, a little adorable book that deals with expressing our love emotions… saying “I love you” might seem like an easy thing to do, but this little bunny and his dad find out that it’s not easy peasy to express your outbursting feelings of love, as they try to win in this game of love expression.

Adorable, and fun to read every night at bedtime, “Guess How Much I Love You” is the ideal present for any occasion, especially a love celebration like V Day.



Realmomster Valentine's Day With the Kids

And then, a little present is always a nice idea when trying to show your amore, right? These are my favourite Valentine’s Day-inspired presents for your mini me. So chic, simple and fun.

Realmomster Valentine’s Day With the Kids

Wobbel Pro Sky balance board, € 135.00, here; Bass and Bass car case, € 49, here; Fanny and Alexander wooden camera, 55 €, here; Numero 74 natural bed drapes, $ 106, here; Banwood classic helmet, 39,00 €, here; Lingua Franca “Castaway” cashmere sweater, $160.00, here; Oeuf “Amour” rug, $260.00, here; Marie Chantal “My Love” feeding bottle, $24.00, here; Petit Plume toy soldier romper, $ 43.00, here; Oeuf  “Call Me Baby” knit romper, $35.00, here.

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