My Valentine’s Day Spontaneous Journal While at The Hairdresser’s

Realmomster Mag Valentine's Day Editor's Notes

Currently sitting on my cozy chair at the hair salon with a hot tea next to me, my laptop in my arms and my head far away from here, while I’m getting a fresh blow-dry for Valentine’s Day. Sounds pretty much like pure bliss and perfection for any mother out there. It’s been months since my last post, weeks since I can’t stop thinking about it and days since I meant to begin again and so here I am, back to writing even though absolutely nothing has changed. The only difference is that this time, I took my laptop with me here, thinking I’d have hours for myself- turns out I won’t because I only had a blow-dry instead a balayage but I will not know this until the end.

I’m still the same girl who will write when away from home, from notes in my phone, who will start and finish a post in one-go because I can not plan my words and inspiration, let alone my free time. It’s Valentine’s Day, a day for all lovers to love each other even more than usual, a day for husbands to surprise their wives with the latest family Volvo or a beautiful diamond necklace (this was a joke. or not), a day for boyfriends to propose, for single girlfriends to celebrate just that, a day for little boys like mine to create incredibly adorable arts and crafts that say “My mommy is the best, I love you Mommy today and on each Valentine’s Day”. There’s something incredible for every one today, and please don’t be one of those people who think “we don’t need Valentine’s day to show our love because we do that every day”! Well, I don’t believe you get a nanny and go out on dates every day, so please.

On this day, us moms, we get to go make ourselves pretty for the day and hot for the promising night ahead. Them, dads, get to spend quality time with their kids while dreaming about all the things that are about to go down in a couple of hours, babysitters a.k.a grandparents, aunts or dear friends get to enjoy these kids’ energy and tend to their every wish and request and the world will see more kissing, loving, shiny little boxes and red roses than any other day of this year so far. It all sounds so very exciting and full of hope- and honestly the anticipation is the highlight of the day. Or should the highlight be considered the later-on full night’s uninterrupted sleep in the hotel? Or the morning heart-shaped pancakes? The sex? Or the surprise gifts to be received during dinner?

I think mine will be the dinner. The food, I mean. Also the actual moment of getting myself pampered at the hair salon comes extremely close to the food. Maybe another’s moms’ highlight was the hot shower she got to take in the morning without being yelled for, or maybe it was taking a bubble bath together with the kids in the evening. Another moms’ could be gossiping with her bestie over a bottle of red wine until midnight, or a full Pilates class she waited so long for, or finally buying that naughty red lingerie she never dared to until now.

Some couples are getting married right now, others are watching movies in bed, others might be breaking up, or taking a flight to Paris spontaneously. Lovers might be finally getting together, parents might reconcile and single moms might be finding a new love. Ah, the endless possibilities out there, the never ending magical opportunities to smile and love and live and feel alive and new and hopeful. If that isn’t what makes life worth living, then I don’t know what is. Stop reading astrology zone horoscopes and matches and go out there and live in the real world.

Flash Forward MANY days later reopening this open post and finishing because I got carried away and had to close my laptop go out on my date, then prepare for my son’s birthday, then pack a whole car, then go on our skiing trip for one week, ski, come back, unpack, and here I am more than one week later. Amazing timing. Anyways, going back to that day,  18:00 leaving the house for early cocktails and late dinner. Amazing porn star martini with a view over Amsterdam at night, and most amazing Indian-Nepalese restaurant with great food and the best spicy margarita I ever had! Overall I had the most amazing date night that I didn’t even care that my hair got messed up and curly within the first 200 meters walking from the car to the bar because of the rain.

#messyhairdontcare I couldn’t help but wonder… can a good date overtop a bad hair night because of rain and the mom guilt for leaving the little one at home with the granddad for our trip? Perhaps.


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