Yep, that`s how moms like me look like while powering in the morning. At least that is how I imagine I usually look like while preparing for a long day. Or trips. Or baby marathons. Or weekends with kids.
So your weekend approaches and you make plans as of Monday. Where, when, what, weather, WINE. And then you spend the whole week waiting for two days of relaxation and rewards. But the preps and the trip itself turn out to be way more exhausting than the whooole week of waiting itself. So if people keep asking me how I`ve lost and still am losing so much weight so quickly after giving birth I will tell them to just get out of town for the weekend. With a baby. It is way harder than any gym. So the plan for this weekend was a visit to grandma at the seaside. Brace yourselves.

Ever wondered – given that you do not own any kids and aren`t a babysitter- how parents pack and go on road-trips with 4-months old infants? Well first of all, we don`t pack. We stack. And we don`t just get in the car and drive off. We squeeze in everything in the car for about 45 minutes with stuff, going up and down the stairs burning one thousand calories, we keep forgetting bunnies, pacifiers, socks and humidifying lamps, and then we come back to get some more stuff. Uhm, it`s usually the dad who does all this.

And all this time the other one has to change, wash, dress, feed, burp and entertain the monster. Usually it`s the mom. So me.

Sasha is our alarm clock. If there is one thing I gave up since having him was the alarm app on my iPhone. I have not needed it or used it once ever since. I`m glad to say we`ve got our own personalized alarm clock that goes off at 6 am tops every morning. I bet I can hear all those athlets slash fitness guru mums applauding the discipline and energy boost we get to wake up with in the morning. But my God would I kill for those extra 30 min of sleep followed by some maple syrup bacon pancakes and venti cafe latte. Hashtag #momcravings hashtag #sleepdeprived.

But back to the point. Alarms sets off at 6. Good thing is that Sasha wakes up mumbeling and grrrrumpying and muttering but with a big grin as soon as he sees you awake at his bed. And I say good thing cause otherwise I would be pissed. So I change diapers, wash butts, dress, heat water, prepare formula, feed, burp and put baby back on playmatt by 6.3o max. Then I prep suitcases with thousand bodies, hundred diapers and infinite jackets, shirts, pants and pijamas as if we are literally moving to the Amazon for six months. And don`t forget his fav dog AGU, his annoying sound-making colorful toys, PACIFIERS (God bless those who forget to take them on the car), bottles, and all other baby-stuff you can imagine. Just don`t.you.forget.none.

And then it`s our turn. Quick 3-minute showers, packing two shirts and a pair of jeans, and then carrying it all to the car. No need for makeup, hairdos or fancy clothes. The secret to all these organizational preps is timing. You just get so good at math and strategy when you have kids. Cause they eat every let`s say 4 hours. So in less than 4 hours you gotta wake up, get ready and get going if u wanna spare yourselves from 100 km of crying-baby-driving on the highway.

Main point is, at 9.30 we were ROLLING. Car set, baby asleep, present for grandma in the back seat (we had to stop for this one as well), coffees in the cup-hanger and croissants in our mouths. BACON croissants may I add please thank you hubby for knowing me.

So, it`s possible and it`s doable and it`s chaotic and it`s fun and it keeps you fit. Super fit I might add. Think I`m gonna keep making some more babies now.


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