A Week in the Life… Monday-to-Friday Chic Adventures, Coffee and Sport with the Wildride Carriers

New week, a new chance to rock this game we are all part of now, motherhood. It’s sometimes insanely intense, yet always fun, challenging, incredibly empowering and filled with love, and sometimes dull and repetitive and predictable. We are all rocking it our own ways, and trust me when I say- it is not always a piece of cake. Sometimes it’s a piece of banana bread, if you know what I mean… (and if you don’t, then stop cooking dull, gluten-free, tasteless vegan banana breads, and add some real flour and sugar in there because it tastes like carton if you don’t) and you sure as hell don’t want motherhood to look tasteless on you.

There, I said it. Anyways, if you’re a mom of a toddler, you are mainly two things: fit and overly stimulated. I wouldn’t want to call it “tired” because let’s stick to being positive for a minute. I know your morning coffee is very strong, and your evening glass(es) of red wine are a must, so let’s not say any more. I often find myself overdressed for the everyday occasion of mothering. Sometimes the skirt is too tight to hop inside the sand pit, other times I choose the heeled boots on the wrong gravel street in the park. I know I care about how I dress when I get out of the house- whether its at the play cafe, dropping the kids off at school, or grabbing a coffee to go with a girlfriend, so that’s why being a mom doesn’t stop me from dressing the way I feel.

And having your kids tag along wherever you go makes you adjust yourself accordingly- and when they need a quick lift, a little help walking the mile or a little break from biking, you can be there for them. That’s why I love how the super chic and stylish Wildride carriers look like on any outfit, for any occasion, wherever you are! I tested them from Monday to Friday, doing our usual daily activities…

MONDAY starting the week of with a hot yoga or nice Pilates class, to be in shape stay calm and energetic for the new week. The energy I get from a good lengthening pilates workout really sets me off for a good day no matter my previous mood. I love putting on my gym wear (even when I don’t work out at all) and be comfy and active the entire day. Put the baby in the Zebra Wildride carrier, and go catch your next pilates class while your kids stay at the daycare.

I am wearing the Black Zebra toddler carrier

TUESDAY is usually a work-at-the-cafe-day for me, and daycare day for my little one- and what better place to do that than the chicest coffee place in town, at the Single Estate Coffee Roasters. Where you can enjoy the best specialty coffee, freshly baked pastries and also have your special working tables to come along with your laptop.  So chic, so elegant, such a perfect contrast to my wild toddler, but this time I’m keeping him close in the Corduroy Cream Wildride carrier, which I absolutely loooove how it matches my working suit.

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign I am wearing the Wildride toddler carrier in beige corduroy

WEDNESDAY we go out to have our mommy-and-kids playdates with another duo the same age as him. And I can’t wear a tracksuit and sneakers every time. Sometimes I feel the need to step up my game a little bit, throw on a little accessory, a new shirt or something that takes me out from the “mommy” box. I’m matching my cool mom on a toddler date with the Wildride carrier in liliac rib and I am totally in love with this color!

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign

I am wearing Wildride carrier in liliac rib 

THURSDAY…time for a few errands, meetings and dates around town, but everything starts with an amazing coffee of course at another one of our go-to destinations in The Hague. We loooove Bartine, morning or lunch, coffee or brunch, or everything all together, it’s one of the best coffees and their home made pastries and bread are addictive. Coffee in one hand, phone and cinnamon bun in the other… luckily hands-free with my baby in the Zebra carrier, I can do so much more while I’m on a fast track.

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign


It’s FRIDAY again …it’s Saturday Sunday what? The weekend is here and we’re doing a fast round of fruit shopping for that apple pie, or banana bread, or weekend waffles with a blueberry jam.. or whatever it is I will be in the mood to make on Sunday morning, I love taking this little wild one with me everywhere, this time close to me in the Curduroy Olive Green Wildride, as every destination with him turns into a real adventure and occasion to have fun!

Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign Realmomster Wildride Carrier Campaign

Mara is wearing the Wildride carrier in corduroy olive green

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