Women’s Day Brand Crush: Our Special Mother & Son Editorial With Bobby Rose Jewellery

Another Brand we are crushing on this Women’s Day: Bobby Rose Jewelry. The kind of jewellery pieces you will want to wear day and night. In and out. Bed and beyond. Delicate, feminine and sophisticated, with a touch of sexy & a hint of pick-me-up (did you get it? Pick-me-up? As in flirting, remember what that is?).


Bobby Rose Jewelry was born in Amsterdam 2 years ago and was founded by Sousha Arendse, who is also the creative mind behind the brand and designs every item in the collection herself. Each piece uses materials originating from the Middle East and is either gold filled or high-quality gold plated.

Needless to say they look absolutely stunning!

’’Most of my own jewelry I wear 24/7, so it’s important that it doesn’t lose its color.’’

One of the most characteristic pieces of the collection is the Hamsa (or Fatima), carrying the meaning ‘five’. It reflects personal protection and luck in life. ’’The luck that you can carry in your hand.’’

“A lot of people wonder where the name Bobby Rose comes from: ‘‘When my mom was pregnant with me she didn’t know whether I would be a girl or a boy. Had I been a boy, I would have been given the name Bobby. Sousha comes from the name Shoshanna, which means Rose in Hebrew. After combining the two, Bobby Rose was born.’’, says Sousha. 

Realmomster Bobby Rose Jewelry Women's Day



Wearing 7 rings on both hands at a time might seem like a really chic, stylish note added to your denim jacket or your satin dress on a summer afternoon when you want to look hot, but when you chase a 4-year old around the house to wipe his ass you realise that Vogue is just a magazine and real life looks pretty different. However, I refuse to give up. I refuse to act as if I’m not worth bedazzling myself with pretty jewellery or wearing pretty things around the house. I will stick to my efforts in looking G O O D every moment of every day, because when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror after cleaning the bathroom sink for the 5th time in half a day, I like what I see. And I love to like what I see.

And right now I see myself, with my son, playing silly in front of a camera. I see him look up to me in admiration and making me compliments on my jewellery. And there’s nothing more I would want to hear!And truly, Bobby Rose is someone you could easily call a BFF – not too fancy, not too precious, but discreet, sexy and stylish enough to make its way into any outfit you’d wear, on any weather you’d go out on, on any given day. She is just there to enhance your every look, to bring out the best in each outfit you put together.Realmomster Bobby Rose Jewelry Women's Day

Realmomster Bobby Rose Jewelry Women's Day

Realmomster Bobby Rose Jewelry Women's Day



You can discover and shop the entire collection of pretty jewellery on bobbyrosejewelry.com

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