In and Out of Bed: Staying Sophisticated, Sexy and Strong All Day Long in Leveret Satin Pajamas

Yep, that’s right, all day long. Moms out there will understand this particular type of ‘self-spoiling’ better than anyone, because who else if not a busy momster knows that a Sunday spent without leaving your pajamas is a Sunday to be cherished and lived to the max? You know those lazy weekends when you take your time before leaving the bed, then indulge in creating a complex breakfast for the whole family, sip your coffee nice and slowly while it’s still hot (hopefully), and then have no actual plans other than dance to some Cher music and do some arts and crafts with the kids… all of this happening in your pajamas, of course.

I love myself a brand who understands this – and Leveret is definitely one of them! Known for their beautiful sleepwear and matching pajamas for the entire family, Leveret’s careful selection of basics for parents and kids are comfortable beyond words, and adorable to showcase for any occasion – think Christmas styles, happy prints and matching everything. One of my latest obsession though? SATIN. But be aware of the side effects – you might not want to take them off anymore, not even outside, as you can see in our case.

So elegant and comfy, this green satin pajama set I wore the other days is everything I ever dreamt of. Barely touching your skin, giving you that elegant and sophisticated flair that French actresses showcase in movies and make you think whether they truly ‘woke up like that’. But after all, isn’t this what we all want to look like in bed? Even with multiple kids around, I think all mothers should want to look their best when in bed for themselves and… the husbands. Once you become a mom does not mean you should be going all ‘trashy’ and baggy, more like the opposite. I am a true believer that the way you dress translates in the way you feel, and I am encouraging moms staying sexy and chic in bed and out of bed as a sign of being in control of their life even when they’re actually not.

I know you might fear eggs being thrown in your direction and coffee spilled on your new satin set, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying, right? Put on your sexiest PJs, let your hair loose when you wake up, put on some lipstick and  you’ll see the difference in how you feel when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Everything a mom can do, she can do it better in satin!

Discover the entire collection of button down satin sets here! Mara wears the green satin pajama; Sasha wears the cotton pajama in white.


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